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In 2016, Robert Clemenz the founder was raving with joy when the perfect space was set to build the studio of his dreams.

After a year of brainstorming and search for an ideal space, it fell into place. Raumecho's Thomas Mayer ( was put in charge of the acoustics and the final build was done by  who is no other than tommy's brother. He fulfilled the tricky build perfectly in time and the search for a suitable Production Team started.


With all parts in place, the Claplab opened its doors for sound production in 2017 with projects ranging from Drumn' Bass & Dub music to Hip Hop & House grooves. Recording, Post Production, Mixing & Mastering can all be in-house services for you. Moreover, the team specializes in English Songwriting & Modern Arrangement as well as guiding young writers in song structure and good understanding of the rythmic craft needed for mind blowing movement.


For 2018, the team is planning great projects. We will be working closely with music labels such as Mainframe Recordings / Eatbrain Records / Viper Recordings / Circus Records & many more. Much good can be expected for the future of electronic music in the picturesque capital Vienna.

Stay tuned for groundbreaking music and don't be afraid to drop us a line!


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